Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to mourn the losses of Pennies for School and the Chalkboard Shop.

P4S: You taught me what blessings feel like. You taught me what miracles feel like.

CBS: You taught me to embrace erasing. You taught me to embrace reinvention.

I gave birth to you,

You were born through me.

Like any parent, I had the highest hopes for you. I wanted you to grow, expand and delight in the world. I wanted you to touch others. I wanted you to be curious and learn about all that around you. My dream for you was to fall in love–with life, your world, your dreams…

And, like any parent,  I faced my share of disappointments. I hoped you would aim for the stars and land on the moon, but you landed atop a mountain instead. I watched you up there, cursing you to go on.

But you didn’t.

So I didn’t.

My love for you pushed me to places I never imagined going. Like any good parent, I dashed out my comfort zone when you need help.

To advocate for you.

To cheer for you.

To be your champion.

And, like any parent, I’ve gotten past my disappointments. It’s taken some time…and some photos of you still cause my heart to ache. Seeing those similar to you eclipsing the moon makes me want to protect you. Nurture you. Hold you.

But, like any good parent, I shove those thoughts deep down inside. Smiling tightly. And I remember all that you are. In truth, you amaze me. When I reflect on everything you mean to me, my heart is filled with gratitude.

See, you brought me with you to the top of that mountain. You showed me views I never imagined. You showed me love I never imagined. You showed me God. And there’s no better gift than that!

All my love sweet ones,

Brittanae Ana Veal


The Chalkboard Shop!

Hey there,

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys an update. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Image     Image

The Chalkboard Shop!

It’s a fun, pop-up workstation for kids to play and design their own chalkboard magnets. 

As I’ve mentioned before, in Italy I’ll have the chance to start a company. The Chalkboard Shop reflects the type of work I’d like to do with that company. It’s nice getting started on this now and feeling out what works and what doesn’t, especially since it may take me a few years to raise 3 million pennies. However,  I’ve always believed that acting in the present is better than waiting for the future.




Finding Sisterhood Abroad

When I found, I felt like I found an instant group of girlfriends. It was like that feeling of relief you experience when you’re starting a new school or job, and you find a group of really cool people with whom you share lots in common. It’s super satisfying.

Well, I found the site while researching race relations in Italy. I had a few questions about how women of color and Americans are regarded in Italy. Many of my questions were answered by articles written by the site’s founder, Fleace Weaver. As I kept reading, I fell in love with the mission of her company, part of which is to expose “Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women.” tours don’t just help black women, they also impact entire communities; many of the tours incorporate volunteering. As part of the “Sistahs Without Borders” program, travellers donate books and volunteer at orphanages. This allows the ladies to “not only enjoy the rich culture of the countries visited but also come away having had meaningful and authentic exchanges with local communities.”

E C C E L L E N T E!


Interview with The IND!

Interview with The IND!

Here’s the latest article about my penny drive written by the very talented, Lyndsy Bradley! I’m really excited about this article because I love the Independent and because I’m a fan of Lyndsy’s writing. Can’t wait to read more of her work 🙂

It was nice talking about the status of the drive and my plans to develop “Pennies for Schools,” a company to benefit under-performing Louisiana public schools. Check out Lyndsy’s article for details and please share.