Finding Sisterhood Abroad

When I found, I felt like I found an instant group of girlfriends. It was like that feeling of relief you experience when you’re starting a new school or job, and you find a group of really cool people with whom you share lots in common. It’s super satisfying.

Well, I found the site while researching race relations in Italy. I had a few questions about how women of color and Americans are regarded in Italy. Many of my questions were answered by articles written by the site’s founder, Fleace Weaver. As I kept reading, I fell in love with the mission of her company, part of which is to expose “Black women to the beauty of the world and the world to the beauty of Black women.” tours don’t just help black women, they also impact entire communities; many of the tours incorporate volunteering. As part of the “Sistahs Without Borders” program, travellers donate books and volunteer at orphanages. This allows the ladies to “not only enjoy the rich culture of the countries visited but also come away having had meaningful and authentic exchanges with local communities.”

E C C E L L E N T E!



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