Thank Yous

Just wanted to say thanks to the following incredible people who went through the trouble of mailing a penny (often more):

The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation– Lafayette, LA (Thank you so, so much!!)

The Physique Doctor– Gonzales, LA

Mike and Keisa B– Gonzales, LA (Can’t thank you enough)

The Sorapuru family– New Orleans, LA (Great family, thank you both so much)

The Antoine family– New Orleans, LA (Thanks so much for your support!!)

Cleland Thom at CTJT Distance Learning courses ( Awesome resource

Leanne S. and Marshall C.– Metairie, LA (Great, great people)

Pat G.– New Orleans, LA (I won’t forget that postcard. Thanks so much)

“Retired, Wish I could Send More”

Connie– Mandeville, LA (Loved your note)

Christa G– Laplace, LA (Thank you for the wonderful message)

Donor- Belle Chase, LA

Pattie M.– Metairie, LA (Cute card! Thank you!)

Pam– New Orleans, LA (Thanks for the awesome British Penny! Keeping it for good luck)

Heather B– El Paso, TX (So thoughtful)

Annecatette Z.- Allentown, PA (Loved your stamp and note! I’ll be following in your footsteps)

Donor- Metairie, LA (Thanks for the message, “A good education is worth every cent”)

Donor- Westchester, NY (Loved the graffiti!)

Donor- Belle Chasse, LA

Sister Ann M– New Orleans, LA (Thank you for the kind note)

Donor- Marrerro, LA


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