HUGE  THANK YOU to Postsecret ( for the tweet that started everything. You provide a safe place for secrets to live. Your work is invaluable. Thank you!


SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to everyone mailing pennies!

Thanks Julie from Anaheim. Brian in Westchester. Erin, a fellow Louisiana girl in Maringuoin. Katie with the awesome purple dino piggy bank (gotta show you guys a pic of that one!), donors from New York, Mason, OH, and Knoxville!!

You rock. Really. Thank you!!


Ps. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a thermometer to show how much I’ve raised. Until then, I’ll post the total in a regular posting. So far I’ve raised $2.16!


2 thoughts on “Pennies!!

  1. Am sending you my WHOLE penny-pot, which may total about 30-40 bucks…Hope your P.O. Box is big enough! Coming from Patricia in Jefferson, LA. Love your originality!

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