I just got a TON (!!!) of page views. Like over one thousand! My stats even show people being referred to my blog from Facebook and Twitter. Whoever you are, out there, sharing my story in the internet community: T H A N K  YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you. humbly deeply. thank you so much.

I really can’t believe it still. I wasn’t sure if my blog was hacked or if I just started losing my mind because  I haven’t been eating much since I started doing this campaign. My self-esteem was taking a hit each time I logged on a saw 6-12 views per day. Most of those views can from craigslist postings. I don’t know what changed overnight. I know I emailed some influential people and received support from redditors and mTurkers. Whatever happened, thank you. I am just so grateful. So, so grateful.



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